Sculpture and the Medieval City at the 2010 International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo

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Sculpture and the Medieval City at the 2010 International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo

Post by bewitched on Tue Jun 30, 2009 11:33 am

Sculpture and the Medieval City

Session to be held at the 2010 International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 13-16 May

Sponsored by the International Center of Medieval Art (ICMA)

Organizers: Mark Rosen (University of Texas at Dallas) and Ittai Weinryb (Bard Graduate Center, NY).

This session aims to explore the role, meaning, function, and even dysfunction of sculpture in the medieval city. From the ontological value of their being objects occupying space, sculpture has always been part of an environment. This session invites papers that ask how the use and re-use of sculpture shaped the medieval city's definition of itself, how sculpture illuminated medieval daily life, and how meaning was generated through the performance of sculpture, its interaction with its site, and its adaptation of pictorial themes resonant to local populations. Church facades, governmental buildings, antique monuments, fountains, and even wellheads are all suitable topics for this session.

Disciplinary and interdisciplinary developments in scholarship over the past forty years have resulted not only in the transformation of our understanding of sculpture and its function within civic space but also our understanding of what medieval space and specifically medieval civic space meant in the Middle Ages. We are seeking papers that will illuminate, revisit and even rephrase old notions of the relationship between the place, the media and the materiality of sculpture within the medieval city. Papers on issues of centrality and marginality of sculpture around sacred or secular spaces within the medieval city are also welcomed.


Paper proposals should consist of the following:
1. Abstract of proposed paper (300 words maximum)
2. Completed Abstract Cover Sheet (available at: http://www.wmich.edu/medieval/congress/submissions.html#ACS
3. CV with home and office mailing addresses, e-mail address, and phone number
4. Statement of ICMA membership status (note: all participants in ICMA sponsored sessions are required to be members of the ICMA)


Mark Rosen

Arts and Humanities

University of Texas at Dallas

Mailing Station JO 31

800 W. Campbell Road

Richardson, TX 75080


For information about the ICMA: http://www.medievalart.org
For information about the International Medieval Congress: http://www.wmich.edu/medieval/congress/

Ittai Weinryb
Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz
via Giuseppe Giusti 44
I - 50121 Firenze
Tel: +39 349-595-7559.


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