New Hortulus Issue, Volume 4.

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New Hortulus Issue, Volume 4.

Post by bewitched on Mon May 18, 2009 1:53 am

Hi Everyone!

I love the new issue's focus on magic and identity construction. All the articles are great, but I really enjoyed Dorrington's article. Prior to reading his article, I always associated the raise of Protestantism in Europe with the persecution of nuns and the burning of convents, but I never considered the Reformation's connection to the witch trials. Does anyone know if this is just an insular phenomenon or if the Protestant politics of defaming Catholics also played a role in the witch trials of early-modern Europe?

I was also a bit surprised to see that there were no articles on wizards and warlocks. Didn't the CFP state that this issue would be on witches, wizards, and magic? Were there no submissions on wizards? How can that be?

I also found Priest's argument that fairies are constructed as static being and humans as transformational beings in romances fascinating. I've been trying to think of a romance in which a fairy or a hybrid fairy is the protagonist. The first example that immediately comes to my mind is Wirnt von Grafenberg's Wigalois, the son of Gawain and the fairy Florie. Wigalois's depiction certainly follows this static non-progressive model because he is essentially perfect from the start to the end of the narrative. I'm sure there are others and it would be fun to track this idea further.


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